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You must be training at a UWTA dojang that is operating as a member in good standing with the UWTA to compete in our Final Four Competition. In addition, your personal UWTA membership must be kept current during and throughout the tournament year. This will be verified 30 days before the Final Four Competition.

Anyone whose membership is not current on the 30th day before the event, when the records are audited, will be removed from the Final Four list on that day (under no circumstance will they be reinstated to the list during the 30 days before the event). Your membership must also remain current through the 30 day period before the event.


Tonfa Seminar

Saturday December 9th, 9-11 am

Tonfa Seminar Open to ALL Lincoln Family Taekwondo Students and Parents ONLY. Jr. Leaders, Trainee Instructors, Black Belt Club Members and Parents attend FREE! All other students $25.00.



Saturday, December 23rd

8:00 AM – Taekwondo Tigers

9:00 AM – White – Yellow Belt

10:00 AM – Yellow/Green – Black Belt

ATTN: Recommended Black Belts and Black Belts! This could be a mid-term for you depending on where you are in the cycle. Please be sure that if this is your mid-term that you know all of your forms and one steps! It is your responsibility to keep track of your mid-term dates. If you are not sure, please see the front desk! Please arrive 15 minutes before your testing time! Testing will begin at 9:00 am